Mobile Cloud

cell cloudThe problem with current cloud services is that they require a very high initial set up time and cost. Moreover, the fixed infrastructure of cloud system suffers if there is a rapid increase or decrease in clients’ demands for cloud services. Therefore, current cloud providers cannot provide satisfactory performance for the client who seeks for low cost instant cloud service. Using mobile devices, it is possible to form a highly scalable ad hoc mobile cloud, which will have a low set up time. However, most such efforts failed due to the lack of a proper incentive model for the mobile device owners. The goal of our research work is to design economically incentive mobile cloud architecture.

We proposed CellCloud, a mobile cloud architecture based on bidding incentives. In CellCloud, mobile devices known as bidders are hired after a bidding process. During the bidding process, each bidder is offered monetary incentive based on their available resource and rating point. The rating point determines how trustworthy the bidder is for a particular task. Each base station keeps track of the information of the interested bidders. The clients are individuals who contact CellCloud provider for computing a task. CellCloud central system (CCS) communicates with all the base stations to know the available resources on each of them. Depending on the resource information, CCS estimates the possible time and cost of task computation and sends that information to client. After an agreement between CellCloud provider and the client, CCS accepts the task and distributes it among the base stations based on their total resources. Depending upon the resource available on each bidder, each base station further divides the task and distributes them among bidders. The bidder sends the result to their corresponding base station after the completion of their assigned subtask. The base station reduces the results after receiving from all the bidders and sends the reduced result to CCS. CCS once receives results from all the base stations, starts further reducing those results. The final result is sent back to the client.

Our CellCloud architecture provides several benefits. Firstly, people from any parts of the country can participate on bidding without detailed knowledge of the cloud system. Secondly, it provides clients the estimation of time and cost of finishing a task by which clients can decide whether they will use CellCloud or not. Thirdly, the mobile operator becomes beneficial as they can now use their unused network bandwidth more efficiently. Finally, it is an economical model for the clients as well as an incentive model for both mobile operator and bidders.