Research Assistant recruitment


TheĀ UAB SECuRE and Trustworthy Computing Lab (SECRETLab) is looking for several bright, enthusiastic, and hard-working graduate students. If you are planning to pursue a Masters or PhD degree in computer science, please consider applying to UAB CIS department and noting in your application that you are interested in UAB SECRETLab. Please email Dr. Ragib Hasan with your CV and test scores at ragib AT


SECRETLab’s research is funded by the the National Science Foundation (NSF), US Department of Homeland Security, Google, Office of Naval Research, Amazon, and other agencies. Our main research areas include Cloud Security, Mobile Device Security, Network and Distributed Systems Security, and many other branches of computer security. Please visit the research page for more details of our projects.


Alumni from our group have found employment in top places such as


Fall 2014 application deadline is February 1, so please make inquiries early.